From September until late May, our Sunday morning Worship services are graced with the four-part music of our choir.  The choir is composed of choral scholars and is augmented by volunteer(s) from the congregation.  Interested singers are encourged to contact our Director of Music, David C. Green, to audition. 

In the Summer, a variety of soloists share their gifts of song at the Sunday morning Worship service.

Our Worship & Santuary are greatly enriched by the magificent sound of E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings Opus 727 of three manuals and 48 speaking stops.  

Of these, at least eight stops can be traced back to a ca. 1790 organ (built by Samuel Green of London) which was installed in the 1772 building of the Brattle Square Church.  When the Brattle Square Church had first obtained this organ, it is said that a prominent physician in the congregation offered to pay for it if the organ was dumped into Boston Harbor.

The Brattle Sqaure Church had previously declined to accept an organ from the Estate of Thomas Brattle (died 1713).  This organ, built ca. 1665 and perhaps the first pipe organ in the colonies, is now located at Saint John's Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The First Baptist Church of Boston has had a pipe organ since at least the third meetinghouse (1829-1854), where there was first E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings Opus 18 of 1835 and in 1838  an organ (orginally built by Wm. M. Goodrich in 1829) which had been obtained from the Park Street Congregational Church.